postheadericon Ad Featuring Simonne

After months of inactivity, I have decided to return to the Photographic works.. This time in a different way.. creating artworks from photography..  After 4 hours of inspiration Chainz has created an Ad artwork featuring UnderDoll’s Top Model Simonne.

postheadericon Rawr Legs!

Model: Christine | Chainz Photography 2012

postheadericon Signature Pic – Featuring Miss Angel

Model: Miss Angel | Chainz Photography 2012

postheadericon Lorraine

postheadericon Signature Pic – Featuring Arianny

Model: Arianny | Chainz Photography

postheadericon Keyth

model: Keyth | Chainz Photography 2012

postheadericon Raine in Red

Model: Lorraine | Chainz Photography 2012

postheadericon Bubbles!

Doll: Lorraine | Chainz Photography 2012
Dollcore Clothing

This picture has been featured in

postheadericon Edisa Session

Model: Edisa | Chainz Photography 2012

First Session of year 2012.. First session for Edisa by Chainz Photography!
Here’s a Mini-Poster Featuring Chainz Choice Pics.
Thank you very much Edisa!


postheadericon Angry birds? naah, Hungry birds!

Doll: Genesis | Chainz Photography
Special thanks to the Hungry Birds!!