postheadericon Leggy Xmas!

This has been a crazy weirdo 2009. Lots of pictures, lots of shitness, lots of happiness. Yet still metalgrinch (Chainz)  thinks that the most important things in life are the Kodak.. ehmm ahem (clears troath).. the Canon Moments that are frozen in a picture by the Some Kind Of Monster camera. So I’ll keep on doing this and I hope year 2010 will be even crazier and weirdier than 2009.  Best Wishes Bastards and Keep on Rocking!

postheadericon Plan B, Silver, FKD Flyer


Flyer by Chainz

postheadericon Old times Silver

3500IMG_5222 copy

Oh yes, there is silver in this pic.

Chainz Photography 2009

postheadericon Daniela!

350portadaIMG_2895 copy

Model: Daniela | Chainz Photography

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postheadericon Arleth


Model: Arleth | Chainz Photography 2009

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postheadericon Friends


Models: Jelly, Lisi, & Kathy | Chainz Photography

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postheadericon Are you ready?, All Aboard!


Arleth | Chainz Photography

I’m going of the rails on a crazy train!

postheadericon Lovely Legs

350wmIMG_0951 copy

Perfect Legs | Chainz Photography

postheadericon Heaven

A spontaneous pic taken by Chainz during the Flag Football Game. There is no heaven for Chainz!

postheadericon Convivio Skate 10

Flyer and Photography by Chainz