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postheadericon Golden

Model: Arianny
Chainz Photography

postheadericon Neris’ Plushes

Model and MUA: Neris | Chainz Photography 2009

postheadericon Arleth and her plane

Model: Arleth | Assistants UnderDolls Roxy and Raine | Chainz Photography

postheadericon Johi by ChainzPhoto

Model: Johi | Chainz Photography 2008

postheadericon Sony Alpha Shots

Chainz was given a Sony Alpha 700.. check out the pictures!

Featuring models: Natalia and Estefania | Chainz Photography

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postheadericon A new version of

model: Yarelis | by Chainz Photography

I’ve decided to throw away the previous blog and start again from scratch! In this new version of the website you’ll find my photographic works and pics taken from sports, rock, and entertainment events. Also there are links included of the websites I have created along the way as well as friend websites! Feel free to hang around.