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postheadericon Iris Colorful Legs

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Model: Iris | Chainz Photography 2012

postheadericon Power-Legs, Red Devil heels & Frostbite the guitar

A year ago, Chainz got the crazy idea of making a pic with Frostbite (The BC Rich Warlock Guitar) and a pair of sexy power-legs in red devil heels.

With the help of  Veronica’s Sexy Legs.. Chainz’ dreams came true, turning a rocking idea into a great masterpiece. Picture Perfect!!!

UnderDoll model: Veronica | Featuring: Frostbite the BC Rich Warlock Guitar | Chainz Photography 2012


postheadericon Rawr Legs!

Model: Christine | Chainz Photography 2012

postheadericon Brown

Model: Mayelis | Chainz Photography

postheadericon Green

Model: Mayelis | Chainz Photography

postheadericon Croc-Oh-pic

Model: Aida | Chainz Photography

postheadericon Sexy in Silver

Model: Davneth | Chainz Photography

postheadericon Legs n Modeling

A combination of Sexy Legs and Sexy Models
Models: Maye & Clara | Sexy Legs: Cielo
Chainz Photography 2011

postheadericon Vaiti’s Legs

Model: Vaiti | Chainz Photography

postheadericon Red

Finally the picture that I’ve been planning since 2009.

Model: Yari | Chainz Photography 2010