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postheadericon Earth Hour

A worldwide shutdown is scheduled to happen on Saturday March 27 2K10 starting at 8:30pm in order to cooperate with our planet’s weather issues. So TURN-OFF YOURSELVES FOR ONE HOUR!

This random pic was taken from very very very far away. Chainz Photography.

postheadericon Do you have Faith?

Do you have faith? do you really believe? don’t let the dark sky destroy us. Rainy days are coming.
Random pic taken during a photosession. Chainz Photography

postheadericon Heaven

A spontaneous pic taken by Chainz during the Flag Football Game. There is no heaven for Chainz!

postheadericon In the Darkness

This image has a strong meaning to Chainz. I’m embraced in darkness and there is light outside. An image in which darkness symbolizes the demons that keep me trapped in a never ending cycle and light is a way out of all the limitations that surround me. And there’s also this tree. A tree that only God knows why it has appeared in this image. Oh there is also darkness outside, somehow the tree manages to be always radiant, vibrant, and lighten. That tree is the strength and the willing force that keeps me going. Only God knows why this image was given to me by the time I took the picture.