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postheadericon Vaiti’s Chair


UnderDoll: Vaiti | Chainz Photography 2008

It was 2008, and I remember saying: “Vaiti, dale en la silla.. ahora inclinala hacia la mesa.. cuidao te caes y te vas a la mier**.. apoyate con el codo.. Ahora piensa en algo bonito.. like wondering… va..”
and the result was a
One of the most beautiful pics I’ve taken.
Thank you Vaiti and Roxy

postheadericon Massy


web0IMG_4928 copy copy

The time we spent apart makes me more determined
to never take for granted the precious moments
that we were allowed to spend together.

websqIMG_4987 copy

Massy | Chainz Photography 2013


postheadericon Ad Featuring Simonne

After months of inactivity, I have decided to return to the Photographic works.. This time in a different way.. creating artworks from photography..  After 4 hours of inspiration Chainz has created an Ad artwork featuring UnderDoll’s Top Model Simonne.

postheadericon Lorraine

postheadericon Arleth: Doll Support!

Chainz and The UnderDolls would like to extend their Doll Support all the way to China. Our dearest Doll, Arleth is representing our country Panama at MISS BIKINI INTERNATIONAL  2011 (Sanya, China). We wish you the best !!  GOOD LUCK!!

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postheadericon 2011

Chainz has created a new website that features Chainz’ favorite photographic works!

Visit to check the site and stay tuned for latest updates and pics on the Chainz Blog!


postheadericon Sexy Legs World Cup

My Bella | Chainz Photography

6 hours, 3 tutorials
Full Inspiration while watching the Soccer Game

and I won my SEXY LEGS Worldcup!
Cha se quedo Argentina 🙁

postheadericon Chris!

Bella and Chris | Chainz Photography

No no no, nudos no! No no no, nudos no!
Mira lo que hago, melena de leon!
Corre la cortina, punk, palmera, roquero, nudos noooo,
chuaaaaa… cerrar chui chui, secar cha cha cha cha,
suave como mano de mama, pasa el peine sin jalar!

postheadericon Run!

This spontaneous picture was taken during the Longboarding Sunday.

Click Here to check the Longboarding Sunday pics

postheadericon Leggy Xmas!

This has been a crazy weirdo 2009. Lots of pictures, lots of shitness, lots of happiness. Yet still metalgrinch (Chainz)  thinks that the most important things in life are the Kodak.. ehmm ahem (clears troath).. the Canon Moments that are frozen in a picture by the Some Kind Of Monster camera. So I’ll keep on doing this and I hope year 2010 will be even crazier and weirdier than 2009.  Best Wishes Bastards and Keep on Rocking!

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